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Carte de l'hôtel

Plan de l'hotel
Jingu Hotel Urumqi, Situé dans la zone animée de Xinhua North Road, Urumqi, il s'agit d'un hôtel complet qui intègre des chambres d'hôtes, des restaurants, des divertissements et des salles de réunion multifonctionnelles.
Il dispose d'installations complètes, d'une décoration luxueuse, d'un aménagement élégant, d'un environnement magnifique, permettant aux clients de profiter de la chaleur de la maison, est un endroit idéal pour les négociations d'affaires, le tourisme et le tourisme.
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Hôtel FAQ
  • Cet hôtel est de Urumqi Airport Quelle est sa distance?

    Jingu Hotel Urumqi est à 15.8km de l'aéroport.

  • Jingu Hotel Urumqi propose-t-il un service de navette?

    Non, l'hôtel n'a pas de service de navette.

  • Quels sont les horaires d'arrivée et de départ à Jingu Hotel Urumqi ?

    L'enregistrement s'effectue à partir de 14:00 et le départ jusqu'à 14:00 à Jingu Hotel Urumqi.

  • L'établissement Jingu Hotel Urumqi dispose-t-il d'une piscine et d'une salle de fitness?

    Non, l'hôtel ne dispose pas de piscine ni de salle de sport. Voir plus de détails.

  • L'établissement Jingu Hotel Urumqi dispose-t-il un restaurant sur place ?

    Oui, vous pouvez manger à l'hôtel.

  • Jingu Hotel Urumqi dispose-t-il d'une connexion haut débit ou Wifi?

    Oui, veuillez contacter la réception de l'hôtel pour plus de détails.

  • Jingu Hotel Urumqi accepte-t-il le prépaiement?

    Acceptez, veuillez soumettre votre commande avant de nous contacter.

  • Jingu Hotel Urumqi accepte-t-il les cartes de crédit?

    Non, l'hôtel n'accepte pas les cartes de crédit.

  • Combien coûte le petit déjeuner de Jingu Hotel Urumqi?

    Petit déjeuner CNY20 / personne.

  • Quel est le tarif d'un séjour à l'établissement Jingu Hotel Urumqi?

    Les tarifs commencent à partir de CNY258, selon le type de chambre et la date.

Commentaires Plus
  • valeriexu
    not bad
  • tangyunb
    Apart from sound insulation, everything else is very good.
  • Joysie
    The service was very good
  • beautysun
    The hotel attendants are not very friendly and the customer service is not very considerate. I can't keep up with the level of star hotels. I hope I can correct it.
  • labc666
    it 's not bad
  • cylinxue
    It's OK. I'll choose next time
  • Amy7272
    The elevator is a little nervous. I have to wait up and down the stairs
  • candyyang
    The environment is mediocre
  • e00069215
  • bibby_cai
    Very good, convenient transportation, quiet environment, friendly service, slightly outdated facilities and good hygiene
  • d02698155
    We strongly recommend that you live in the commercial standard room, which is clean, hygienic and comfortable. The transportation is convenient and it is also convenient to go there. Once again, the restaurant is praised for its delicious food, rich varieties, considerate service and everyone's politeness. Because it is too late to eat breakfast, the eggs and bags are specially heated. The net line that I didn't suck up for a few days. I was caught up with all the problems with the cable.
  • c4lee
    Everything is very good except the room is very cold. The transportation, location, price, service, safety and environment are very good.
  • ego7777777
  • lilan001
    not bad
  • sanderyan
    The hotel is good. I hope it will be cheaper
  • jyuan99
    The location is good, the facilities are complete, the room is large and the room hygiene is average. Breakfast is good and hygienic.
  • Benlamm
    This is the most prosperous place in Urumqi
  • benlin
    The hotel is located in the small west gate, with convenient transportation and shopping. Although the facilities are old, they are clean, but the central air conditioning is not easy to use. The floor is high and quiet, there are many kinds of buffet breakfast, the taste is also in line with the public taste, and the front desk service is very good
  • antorly
    not bad
  • itinan
    Very convenient transportation is the biggest highlight and benefit. The room is OK, the Internet speed is relatively fast. There are also a lot of food. Not far from the right is the old Hui Hotel. There are many classic dishes, but the price is a little expensive. Not far from the left is the Democratic Road, and the Zuozhuan is a lot of Muslim restaurants, which are very good, There is nothing to be picky about this price. Ha ha. I will check in next time
  • SammyCindy
    The hotel is close to downtown and shopping is very convenient.
  • srjsw
    The hotel is located in the small west gate of Urumqi. The surrounding business environment is good, shopping and transportation are very convenient. The hotel is 3-star, the hardware configuration is reasonable, and the sanitary condition is good, especially the bedding sheets are clean and close to the body. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available on the 4th floor, and Yakesi travel agency is available in the lobby, which is convenient for arranging short trips after work and staying next time.
  • alialyf
    I won't come again
  • sandy8062
    The room is old. The door of the room can't be opened just after check-in. I won't check in again next time
  • princess_cat
    Old hotel, good location
  • congxiyao
    It's too old. The business suite has the feeling of the 1990s. The service is very poor. In the morning, many people are anxious to check out and catch the plane and train. As a result, there is only one person at the front desk. The rounds are very slow. They will never stay again next time
  • djfucss
    Hotel facilities are average, breakfast is poor, need to improve the hardware and software
  • joe6361
    The location is very good and the travel is very convenient. It's just that the facilities in the room seem a little old, but the sanitation is OK. This hotel happens to have a meeting, and there are more people eating at breakfast
  • linjudy
    The processing speed is slow, the environment is pretty good
  • Action Now
    It's not bad!
  • bratus
    It's located in the central area. The room facilities are old!
  • jollyjiao
    The room is small, the facilities are old but very clean, the dining and transportation are convenient, and the cost performance is high.
  • balse
    The hygiene is very clean, the service is quite considerate, the shopping around is very convenient.
  • jiangjian1115
    The location is very good, but the equipment is not as good as expected, but it is acceptable
  • bal0720
  • belleyanglin
    It's good. It's a lot of fun
  • celin890103
    Praise one, ha ha!
  • lcj25
    The urban area is more convenient
  • mwmwmw
    Not bad. Good location
  • e03796157
    The room is a little old, the location is superior, the service is very good, the overall cost performance is high, and I'll stay here next time.
  • jxboc
  • nicewj2
    It's all very good. I've lived in the business center many times and will go there in the future! Um!
  • cwj_jenny
    The decoration in this area is worth it
  • Firero_wu
    Good environment
  • cats cats
    Well... Nothing else, the bed is too hard, really, too hard!
  • mini2424
    The room tastes great, others are OK!
  • Davis Gu
    The location of the hotel is quite good. It is located in the city center, with convenient transportation, accommodation and transportation, and good service. The only drawback is that the hotel network is unstable and there is no Wi Fi. For people on business like us, the network is very important, because they have to go back to the hotel to send and receive e-mail to the company after foreign affairs that day. Sometimes they can't get on the Internet and are anxious, I hope the hotel can improve its network. It's best to install Wi Fi.
  • asiru
    The front desk service is too bad. I don't care. What's the attitude
  • sun_001
    Very good, service attitude and geographical location were quite good.
  • jolinting
    The location is good. It's inconvenient to park. The parking lot provided by the hotel is only a few places, and the overnight fee is charged.
  • big eyes
    It's close to the office, convenient transportation and good service!
  • armet81
    The hotel facilities are a little old. Due to the office floor, it is slow to take the elevator during commuting hours.
  • e00247162
    Good location, convenient transportation in the city center; The facilities and sanitation were OK, the room was large and comfortable; The network equipment is good and the Internet speed is fast.
  • lng2004
    The room is very good and the facilities are complete
  • aileendole
    The location is good. In the city center, the transportation is convenient. There are people's Park and Hongshan park around. It's a good place for leisure and walking. The facilities and hygiene were very good. The room was large and comfortable. The computer and network equipment are good, and the Internet speed is also fast. The front desk service attitude was good, and they were considerate of customers.
  • JaneVan
    Located in daximen market, it is relatively convenient
  • alexleno
    There are many shopping malls around. The transportation is very convenient
  • averg
    In 2001, the office was once located on the 30th floor, so I felt nostalgic when I went to Urumqi this time, especially when I saw the hotel decorated in 2013. The feeling of check-in is poor, the service quality seems to be worse than before, and the decoration has no characteristics. Obviously, there are big problems in the management of the hotel. The front desk manager (in black) is very unprofessional and lacks politeness.
  • clowndentist
    Moderate price and environment
  • flyblood
    not bad
  • casow
    Good location!
  • luyin1023
    This shop is a better one for three stars